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SBCleaner Free Edition    SBCleaner Free Edition      Version 4.1.1

SBCleaner Free Edition is our free system cleaner that actually does some work.   Like our SBCleaner Standard Edition, SBCleaner Free Edition is a tool to free up disk space and improve your systems performance and most importantly, your privacy..  Our shredder uses DoD compliant deletion methods, making sure the files you delete can not be recovered using un delete programs.    

The deletion methods available are:

  • Normal File Delete
  • Simple Overwrite (1 Pass)  Random Data
  • DoD 5220.22-M (3 Passes)
  • DoD 5220.22-M (7 Passes)
  • Delete to Recycle Bin

The SBCleaner System cleaner cleans selected internet history, cookies, cache and selected third party applications   SBCleaner System Cleaner will remove traces from your system, and as benefit freeing-up disk space and better performance. SBCleaner can detect selected open files and will give you an opportunity to close them.

The SBCleaner Disk cleaner cleans previously deleted files from being recovered.  Windows just removes the reference to the file, thus making it possible to recover the contents of the file using an undelete program. The Wipe Disk will completely wipe a drive of data.

The SBCleaner Clean/Defrag RAM Programs often times fail to release memory when they end, SBCleaner Clean/Defrag RAM will clean your RAM, thus protecting your privacy from programs examing RAM.

The SBCleaner Junk File Cleaner cleans up your hard-drive that is littered with files you don't need, taking up valuable disk space, and slowing down your system.  There are alot of files that are not needed, like old log files, temporary files, index files, files generated by system crashes.  SBCleaner Junk File cleaner cleans selected temporary files.

The SBCLeaner Duplicate File Finder finds and deletes duplicate files on your harddrive.  Fast MD-5 comparison gives you the most accurate results and duplicate file finder searches duplicate file contents regardless of filename. You will have the option to view the duplicate file before you shred it or keep it.   Deleting duplicates will help to speed up indexing and reduces back up time and size.

The  SBCleaner Empty Folders Finder will quickly find empty folders, show you a preview of its contents (for safety), and give you the option to delete those folders.  There is a backup option to recover a folder that you may have deleted in case it was actually needed by an application.

The SBCleaner Shredder lets you remove files from your drive without the possibility of being recovered.  Deleting files from Microsoft Windows is not secure, Windows just removes reference to the file and the data is still on your system.   SBCleaner Shredder uses different DoD compliant shred methods, to prevent un delete programs from recovering your file.  

The SBCleaner Password Generator allows you to create random passwords that are secure and difficult to crack.

The SBCleaner Password Checker utility will assess the strength of a password and give you a score.  There are three different algorythims to give you an idea of the password strength.

The SBCleaner Email checker verifies that the Email address are valid, meaning format and syntax.

Job Scheduler allows you to schedule SBCleaner to run at specified times to clean your system automatically.

The SBCleaner Uninstaller:  un-installs any unwanted Windows applications that you don't want any more.

The SBCleaner Task Manager allows you to view programs that are currently running on your system.  You can use the Task Manager to close a program that not is responding.

The SBCleaner Service Manager can Start, Stop, and Pause a Windows service without restarting Windows.

As a note, the more secure a shredding algorithm is, usually the longer it takes to shred.  From the 5 shredding methods, you can find a nice compromise between speed and secure shredding performance.

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SBCleaner Free Edition System CleanerSBCleaner Free Edition Drive CleanerSBCleaner Free Edition RAM CleanerSBCleaner Free Edition Junk File CleanerSBCleaner Free Edition Duplicate File FinderSBCleaner Free Edition Find Empty FoldersSBCleaner Free Edition Cleaner OptionsSBCleaner Free Edition ShredderSBCleaner Free Edition Password GeneratorSBCleaner Free Edition Password CheckerSBCleaner Free Edition Email CheckerSBCleaner Free Edition OptionsSBCleaner Free Edition ToolsSBCleaner Free Edition UninstallerSBCleaner Free Edition Task ManagerSBCleaner Free Edition Service Manager

SBCleaner Free Edition Features

  • System Cleaner
  • Application  Cleaner  
  • Free space Cleaner
  • RAM Cleaner
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • Duplicate File Finder
  • Empty Foldrs Finder
  • File Shredder
  • Password Generator
  • Password Checker
  • Email Checker
  • Tools/Tweaks
  • Uninstaller
  • Task Manager
  • Service Manager
  • and other tools.

SBCleaner Free Edition Awards
SBCleaner Free Edition Awards

Your PC System and Application privacy protection solution.

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