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Q: Do I need to be an administrator to install SBCleaner?
A: Yes.  With todays modern O/S's, normally you are not allowed to install new applications.

Q: Do I need to be an administrator to run SBCleaner?
A: In order to take full advantage of SBCleaner, you must run SBCleaner as administrator.  Not all files will be deleted otherwise.

Q: Can I upgrade my registered version to a new updated version?
A:  Registered users have a lifetime of free upgrades.  Just download the the new version and install it.  

Q: Do you provide free technical support?
A: Yes, either by our support forums or by e-mail or entering a support ticket on our support page.

Q: Will SBCleaner Standard Edition or SBCleaner Free Edition  work in the 64 bit environments?
A: Yes, our products are designed to work in both 32 and 64 bit environments.

Q: Is the data I erase with SBCleaner recoverable?
A: SBCleaner uses 12 clearing and sanitizing standards, to assure you that once securely deleted your data is gone forever and can not be recovered by any means or even specialized tools.

Q: What Window operating systems does SBCleaner and SB Hexadecimal Editor run on?
A: SBCleaner is designed to run on Windows 2000 through Windows 10.  

Q: Is SBCleaner safe to use?
A: SBCleaner was designed from the ground up to be safe and secure to use.  We have put in checks to help protect data that is needed by you from being deleted.  Our software contains no Spyware, Adware, or viruses.

Q: I received an error Error saving registration information. (1303) How do I resolve this?
A: SBCleaner needs to run in Administrator Mode.  To do this, right click the SBCleaner icon on your desktop.  Select Properties, select Compatibility tab and Check Run this program as an Administrator then click Apply button.  Rerun SBCleaner and it will work fine now.

Q: I have upgraded my computer and want to transfer my license to my new machine.  How do I do that?
A:  Just email and send your new Evaluation ID and Machine ID as well as your email address that was used to originally buy your first license and your current email address if it is different than the one you used to purchase the first license, and we will send you your new Registration ID.

Q: Why don't my Registration Code immediately come when I submit my order?
A:  We currently don't have an automated sales system.  Rest Assured, we will get you your registration code as soon as possible.

Q: Where and How do I get the Evaluation and Machine ID's to get my program registered?
A: We developed a How-To to get the Evaluation and Machine ID that is used to develop your registration ID.
              Here is the link: How to locate the Evaluation and Machine ID codes

Q: Do I need to uninstall SBCleaner before installing an update or upgrade?
A:  The suggested option is to overwrite the existing installation of SBCleaner without uninstalling.

Q: What are the main features of SBCleaner?
A: Protects your personal privacy.
Cleans your PC.
Boosts and fixes all kinds of PC issues.

Your PC System and Application privacy protection solution.


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