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Products that can help you in your quest for a safe and private computer.

SBCleanerCleaner and Privacy Tools              

Ad-Aware Pro gives you the power to protect your online security and privacy - so that you can use the Internet how, when, and where you want.

SBCLeaner Cleaner and Privacy Tools

AutoSave Essentials does what it says, it automatically saves (backs up) your essential files by creating a duplicate copy in the safest place you have specified. Save photos, save videos, save music, save documents, save emails - in fact save anything that is valuable. If you are the person responsible for your family’s memories or your company’s accounts or even general data, it may just save your life. Plus no complications, it is as easy as 1-2-3!

SBCLeaner Cleaner and Privacy Tools

Featuring a small footprint so not to rob your PC of valuable memory, this powerful program digs deep to discover files you had thought were long gone.

The easy-to-use ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro then puts the power in your hands! You can select the files you want to recover, even preview them and save them to a place on your PC where they will be safe. Like a super sleuth, ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro can search for even the "small details." For example, you can search for key words or phrases contained in deleted documents.

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